Discord Community

The Rules

  1. Be nice

    If you're going to be a part of the community, fighting with members all the time doesn't help anyone. Slander, witch hunting, and other demonizing actions are unacceptable. We take harassing others members very seriously and may pass harsher than usual punishments to members doing so.

    • Feel free to take a break if things get too heated
    • Threaten or otherwise harass fellow members via direct communication channels
  2. Be civil

    Distasteful advertisement, serious incitement to ethnic or racial hatred, and unnecessary spam - text or otherwise - are unproductive and will be removed. Respect that others may hold different opinions than yourself - disagreements don't need to be arguments and resorting to personal insults only reflects badly on you.

    • Feel free to advertise things you think the community may find interesting in an appropriate and helpful manner
    • Act in a way that would be seen as blatant trolling
  3. Listen to staff and respect their authority

    The staff are here to enforce the rules, breaking them will result in staff issuing warning or ban.

    • Question staff actions in a civil manner without directly defying them
    • Ignore staff members
    • Abuse the goodwill and patience of staff members by deliberately wasting their time
  4. Don't attempt to dodge punishments or maliciously impersonate others

    Punishments are given for a reason, defying them does not help your standing. Rather than openly defying a punishment, you may file a ban appeal by logging in to our appeals page.

    • Try to understand why you were punished
    • Follow the appropriate process to seek atonement
    • Make it clear who you are if someone appears to have mistaken you for someone else
    • Leave and rejoin the server to clear roles meant to restrict you
    • Attempt to trick others into thinking you are a staff member
    • Create or use other accounts to use the server because another account of yours is banned or restricted
    • Attempt to use undefined cases in the rules to escape punishment - if you spot a hole in the rules, let us know instead
  5. Keep discussion to their respective rooms

    We understand that things can get off-topic in natural conversation, but at least try to observe the purpose of each channel. NSFW content is to be strictly kept to the designated channel for the particular content.

    • Ask that a converstion move to a more appropriate channel if you feel it is abstructing the current channel's use
    • Ask for clarification from moderators if you are not sure which channel something belongs to
  6. Follow Discord's community guidelines and terms of service

    Regardless of whether or not others enforce such rules, we believe they are a good baseline for respecting other users and the law.

    • Feel free to report others who you feel have violated such rules to Discord
    • Engage in the practice of doxing
    • Upload or share images or videos depicting anyone appearing underage in a sexual or perverse manner
    • Upload or share images or videos depicting excessive gore

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