Discord Community

The ranks in The Void

Hive Mind - The server admins, the voice of the Void. They offer their insight in all aspects of the community and are entrusted with acting in best interest of the community as a whole. If a situation arises where a leader's just decision is required, they are typically the ones called upon.

Overseer - The server moderators. They are tasked with moderating the Discord server chats and subreddit, as well as overseeing the tasks of the Infectors. They work closely with the Infectors, assisting with tasks and making sure they have the resources and clearance for everything to work smoothly as possible.

Infector - The skilled, the contributors. These people help manage the various cogs of the community and work with the Overseers to ensure all goes smoothly. This is a broad rank with not much set in stone. You'll find people from all walks of trade here, from community management to art. Display persistent drive to contribute and improve the community and you might just find yourself in this role. While the Infectors work closely with Overseers, it should be made clear that Infectors are not moderators of the chat nor community as a whole.

Corrupted - The ascended Swarmlings. People of this rank are rewarded for their active participation and dedication to the Void. People of this rank have typically been around awhile or have made an impressionable impact on the community.

Swarm - The trusted members of our community and backbone of the Void. Lost Souls rise to this rank after a day or two of constructive activity. This rank can view and participate in nearly all channels.

Lost Soul - Newcomers to our community and fresh blood that everyone loves to see. Though not able to view all channels yet, people of this rank are encouraged to engage and get involved with community affairs. It typically does not take very long for a Lost Soul to become apart of the main Swarm.